Where To Get The Best Priced Supplements!!

If you have been training for a while or even a newbie to fitness you probably have considered taking some sort of supplement or supplements. It is a well known fact that depending on where you get your supplements, they can be fairly expensive. I know first hand how hard it can be to find affordable but yet quality supplements to help reach my fitness goals. So I have put together a list of sites that offer the best prices for supplements. Take a moment to look through each site because some sites may have cheaper things then other’s These are the sites that I use when shopping for affordable supplements online, Enjoy!!



My Supplement Store

Lucky Vitamin


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New Emergen-C Energy Drink Reviw – Does Emergen-C Really Work?…

The 2 Week Diet

I’m always on the look out for some good energy boosters and have tried my fair share of products with very little luck. I was recently given a product called Emergen-C Energy by one of my students. They told me that they loved this supplement because it actually worked. S he told me that after taking it shortly after she felt no energy that was lacking earlier.

After hearing this I knew I would have to check this out for myself! Before I even got a chance to purchase some Emergen-C Energy my student brought me a pack to try and in this video I share my honest thought on this product. If you would like to try some for yourself you can get at at a low price Here 

I hope you enjoy my Emergen-C Energy Drink review!

New Fat Burning Workout You Can Do At Home!

The 2 Week Diet

Try this 4 minute fat burning Tabata workout. Follow along or do it on your own time. The 4 exercises that we will be doing in thsi video are 

Jumping Jacks
Surf Boards
High Knees

1 Full cycle will last about 4 minutes. If you can do this cycle 2-3 times, Go For It!!

All Natural Home Remedy For Arthritis?…


If you have been looking for an all natural home remedy for your arthritis then you might want to check this video out. I was recommended this home remedy from one of my students. She told me that one of her co workers uses raw honey to treat arthritis and overall joint pain. I immediately told her to get me some because I wanted to try it out!

This Is How To Naturally Regrow Hair For Men And Woman – These 3 Things Work!!


In this video I am sharing what I did to help regrow my hair using 3 inexpensive items. I used a combination of Coconut oil, Black Jamaican Castor Oil and Rosemary essential oil. In the video I cover a 10 week period of time where I show the process of my new hair growth. I definitely recommend this mixture for anyone who is looking to naturally regrow there hair! Want to get these ingredients? Click Links below:
Get Rosemary Essential Oil 

Get Coconut Oil 

Get Black Jamaican Castor Oil