Fun Way To Burn A Ton Of Calories!…


If you are looking to burn some unwanted calories and let off some steam at the same time try hitting the heavy bag. You don’t have to be a pro fighter to benefit from the heavy bag. Watch as I use this stationary heavy bag to gt a great quick workout!


New Marcy Upright Mag Exercise Bike Review! How Does This Stationary Bike Hold Up?…

Hey, I just bought the Marcy Upright Magnetic Exercise bike and wanted to give a quick review on it. The video marcy upright exercise bike reviewbelow really gives more detail on what I think about the bike but to make a long story short, this bike is a nice buy for anyone who wants a quality stationary bike but doesn’t want to spend a ton of cash. Watch the vid for more info. If you want to get your own bike I took care of finding the lowest prices. I personally bought mine at Walmart.


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Free Aerobic Classes In My Area – Come To The “Calorie Burner”!!…

If you have been looking for a great cardio workout in the Trumbull County are look no further than the “Calorie Burner” class! Every Tuesday at 5pm you can come get a great workout and have a blast with personal trainer and fitness instructor Earl Stringer III. This is an Absolutely Free class and welcome to the public.



This class is for anyone looking to lose some weight and tone up there body. Come join the fun every Tuesday!



First United Methodist Community Center
309 N Park Ave Warren, OH 44481

For More Information On The “Calorie Burner” Class Call

Earl @ 330-647-2073

Personal Trainer Earl Stringer “Why People Get Personal Trainers?…” (ES3-Fitness)

In this video I am going to talk about why people hire personal trainers and the benefit that personal trainers can give their clients. A personal trainer should be more than just a person that tells you what exercises to do. They should be a coach and a real support system for you and your fitness goals. Many people hire a personal trainer to reach a certain goal but many get them to give them that extra push or motivation to succeed.

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Personal Trainer Earl “Batman” Stringer (Top Personal Trainers In Niles, Warren, Girard and Howland)

Are you looking for a certified personal trainer that gets results? Earl “Batman” Stringer is a personal trainer located in Niles, OH who takes pride in getting his clients the results they desire. Earl specializes in weight loss and overall body toning for men and women of all ages.Every client gets a customized training program crafted to help them reach their overall goals in the fastest possible time!…


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