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Earl Stringer III - Personal Trainer

Earl Stringer III – Personal Trainer

Are you ready to meet your fitness goals? Are you ready to look and feel fantastic? This is where I come into play. My name is Earl Stringer and I am a Personal Trainer located in Niles, OH. My job is to get my clients the results they want. I have been involved with fitness for almost 20 years and truly enjoy every thing about it. In my opinion there’s nothing more rewarding than helping someone transform their body inside and out.

If you have been searching for a personal trainer for any amount of time you will realize that there are many options out there but there are a few things that you might want to consider before hiring just anyone. The first thing is, does he/she know their stuff? The second thing you need to consider is, how much do they care about you achieving your desired goals?

Like I said above, I take pride in what I know and what I do. I am constantly learning new and exciting things is regards to training and nutrition and love sharing this information with my clients. My personal training services goes beyond what mostpersonal-training-in-niles-OH trainers offer simply due to the fact that my clients have 24/7 access to me. This means that my services doesn’t just stop at the gym. My clients have the comfort to know that if they have any questions or just need some advice on food and or nutrition that they can call, text or email me. I offer this because it is a fact that it takes just as much hard work outside of the gym as it does inside.

If want personal training and are serious about reaching your goals I am currently training at “World Of Fitness” located at

14 Youngstown-Warren Road
Pinetree Plaza
Niles, OH, 44446

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